​I​​​Bountiful Irrigation District

​​​ The district is governed by a five member Board of Trustees, that are  appointed by the Davis  County Commission.  They serve four year terms.  Since there are no term limits, many  trustees serve multiple terms.  In  addition, each trustee serves as board Secretary/Clerk for one year,  followed by a one-year term as Chair, and the positions of Secretary/Clerk  and Chair are rotated among all board members.  The Board of Trustees  meet monthly.

 Messages for board members may be left by calling 801-295-5573 or  emailing each respective board member.

 The Current Board Members are:

   Gary Keddington

  • Board Member
  • Email :  gary@bountifulirrigation.com


​   Durrell Nielsen

  • Board Member
  • ​Email :  durrell@bountifulirrigation.com

   Ann Hansen

  • Secretary/Clerk
  • ​Email :  ann@bountifulirrigation.com

   Michael Mayfield

  • ​Board Member
  • ​Email :  michael@bountifulirrigation.com

​   Stan Goodell

  • Chair
  • ​​Email :  stan@bountifulirrigation.com