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2022 | Drought FAQ

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When will the water be turned off for the 2022 season?
We are being told the middle of September; however, we don’t have an official date.  

Will I get a refund because of the water restrictions?
NO, our operating costs don’t change with the drought. The district still has to purchase our full water allotment from Weber Basin. The district was set up so that the incoming funds wouldn’t change in years of drought, and we could cover the cost of running the district.  See the “Class D” petition which explains what each property agreed to when they signed up for water.  This petition extends to any property created off of an original piece of property that was subdivided. 

Class D Petition 

How often am I allowed to water?
Effective June 15, 2022, each property is allowed two watering portions per week.

What is one watering portion?
One watering portion equals 20 minutes for pop-up spray heads, 40 minutes for rotary head sprinklers and 60 minutes for drip systems.  You may choose to split your portions into multiple smaller time frames on different days and that is ok as long as you stay within the time frame allotted per week. 

Can I water my trees and shrubs?
Yes, one watering portion per week, and it must be hand-watered.  

Can I install new landscaping and what is considered new landscaping?
You can install new landscaping as long as you follow the drought restrictions and allotted portions per week.  New landscaping includes new flowers, shrubs, trees, sod, seeded lawn, etc. or in other words, anything that requires watering.

What about vegetable gardens?
We ask that you reduce the size of your gardens by 60 percent to save water. 

What about the city parks and golf course?
City parks and the golf course are managed with the following considerations: 

  1. Bountiful City is an active participant in complying with watering restrictions. Last summer, all City-owned properties operated within the parameters of the watering requirements to the greatest extent possible. We are prepared to comply with the watering restrictions proposed for the coming summer.
  2. The parks and golf course represent significant investments enjoyed by the community as a whole. Management of watering is a careful balance of preserving the infrastructure from complete turf loss and providing a facility that the community can still use.
  3. Many City Parks have more zones than the allowed run times will accommodate.
  4. Our irrigation systems rely on consistent operating pressures to function properly. Lower system pressure can translate to poor irrigation system performance and increased run times. 


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