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When will the irrigation water be turned on and off for the season? 

In 2024, the irrigation water will turn on beginning the week of April 8th (west of I-15) and the week of April 15th (east of I-15). Each area takes most of the week to fill completely.

Shut off is usually around October 15.

What is a main control valve? 

The main control valve (MCV) is the valve that shuts off all irrigation water to the property.


Can I borrow a main control valve key from Bountiful Irrigation? 

Yes, you may come to our office and borrow a key.

Can I buy a main control valve key from Bountiful Irrigation? 

Yes, they are $40 dollars.

In which direction do I turn my main control valve to shut it off? 

Clockwise a 1/4 of a turn will shut your valve off

Where is my main control valve located? 

The location of valves will vary for every property. Typically it can be found in your park strip or just behind the curb if there is no park strip. If you do not find it in the park strip it is most likely behind your sidewalk. Most valves are marked on the curb with a purple arrow. However, you may find a faded yellow or blue arrow instead.

What am I looking for when locating my main control valve? 

Main control valves typically have a Curb Box on them. Most of the time you are looking for a curb box lid that is about 4" in diameter and made of cast iron. 

When can I water my lawn? 

You may water from 6:00PM to 10:00AM. No watering is allowed from 10:00AM to 6:00PM

How do I pay for irrigation water? 

The water charge is assessed on your property tax bill. The water is not metered and the assessment is based on property size

What are the exact areas you serve water to? 
May contain: plot, chart, plan, diagram, and map
Should I "Winterize" my system? 

Yes, winterizing your system is a good idea.  Especially with meters going in, we suggest to blow out your system after the water is off in the fall.  Bountiful Irrigaiton is not responsible for any damage caused by lines or valves freezing.