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Irrigation System Audits Available

May contain: water, machine, grass, plant, and sprinkler

Bountiful Irrigation is Partnering with Orbit Irrigation Products to offer an Irrigation System Audit Using Catch Cups 

An audit is much simpler than you may think:  a full system audit can be accomplished in about an hour.  You can pick up a free set of 12 catch cups from Bountiful Irrigation District.  There are easy-to-follow instructions included with the catch cup kit. After you have completed your system audit, go to that same website and enter your zip code, the type of soil in your yard, and the catch-cup volumes from your test.  Once the results are entered, you will immediately receive a zone-by-zone recommended run time and watering interval that is customized to your zip code and your soil type.  It will also tell you how efficient your system is and provide additional water saving tips.  

Watch the Orbit Catch Cup How-To video to learn how to use catch cups with the application. Using the Orbit catch cups with the application can help you save over 50% in water use. This application uses your zip code (ET date), soil type and the catch cup readings to give you an optimized watering schedule for your turf.