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Rules and Regulations

May contain: grass, plant, water, machine, and lawn

The Utah Code (Sec. 17A-2-1402 U.C.A., 1953, as Amended, Revised 1990) provides that the District shall establish reasonable rules and regulations for the distribution and use of water.  Bountiful Irrigation District (BID) owns and is responsible for the main lines and service laterals in the street which deliver project water to the main control valve.  The main control valve is the responsibility of the property owner.  Project water from the main control valve into the individual property is the responsibility of the property owner. 

  • NO outside watering between the hours of 10:00AM to 6:00PM.
  • Water may not be left unattended. 
  • Sprinklers must be adjusted so water will not get into streets, gutters, or neighboring properties or otherwise be wasted. 
  • Do not water when it rains by adjusting or deactivating automatic systems. 
  • Broken lines must be shut off immediately
  • Leaky valves and faucets must be fixed within 24 hours. 
  • Sweep driveways, patios and sidewalks instead of using water to clean. 
  • Weber water is for irrigation only.  It is untreated and unfit for human consumption.  
  • Weber water may not be extended into a building, swamp cooler or a fire hydrant or fountain. 
  • No interconnecting of Weber and culinary water in any way.
  • Weber and culinary water lines may not be placed in the same trench. 
  • All above ground valves and faucets must be painted bright red to indicate that water is unfit for human consumption. 
  • All faucets and manual valves must have a removable key. 
  • Removable keys must be removed when not watering. 
  • An inspection is required from the District after connecting into a system. 
  • Water is a limited commodity.  When customers use more than the amount of water allotted, the District may be forced to discontinue service early. 
  • Property owner will be responsible for keeping the curb box and lid visible and easily accessible. 
  • The curb box and lid shall be kept free of sod, shrubbery, rocks, cement and all other obstructions.  


Penalties for Non-Compliance

  • Water may be shut off for the remainder of the season. 
  • Street valves may be shut off to individual properties. 
  • Actual costs for disconnect and street repair may be assessed. 
  • A water meter may be purchased and installed, at owner’s expense, with annual maintenance and reading fees assessed. Every effort will be made to correct misunderstandings that exist before water is turned off, meter installed, or charges imposed.  Please contact the District office if you have any questions. Bountiful Irrigation District Board of Directors reserves the right to modify or amend the rules and regulations at any time to provide for more equitable distribution of water. 


Each property in the district signed up for water by what is called a “Class D Petition”. To read the document click the link below.

Class D Petition